Error Correction Exercises: Cambridge FCE with Answers
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(FCE Use of English Part 4)

Some of the lines in this exercise are correct; others have a word which should not be there. Which lines are correct? Which are wrong, and what is the unnecessary word.

1. Mr Andrew Strubb was sent from London to Uganda on his business.

2. While he was in Uganda, he fell down ill.

3. His illness was so serious, and he was taken to hospital. During the operation

4. he lost a lot of blood, and had to be given a blood transfusion.

5. After when he had been given blood, he immediately began to speak fluent Swahili.

6. There was a male nurse who did worked at the hospital.

7. He was a regular blood donor: he gave the blood regularly.

8. This gentleman, a Mr Ogoni Gohim, demanded £20 a pint for his blood

9. when he discovered what had so happened. He said

10. his blood must have the special powers.

11. But don’t run away off from this cassette,

12. and off to Uganda to see Mr Ogoni Gohim. Firstly, Mr Gohim does not speak English.

13. And, secondly, bad luck for everyone who himself has to learn a language,

14. Mr Strubb said that he had learnt Swahili as being a child.

15. The shock of the operation must have brought it all back to him


01. his


03. so

05. when

06. did

07. the

09. so

10. the

11. off

13. himself

14. being