Error Correction Exercises: Cambridge FCE with Answers
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(FCE Use of English Part 4)

Some of the lines in this exercise are correct; others have a word which should not be there. Which lines are correct? Which are wrong, and what is the unnecessary word.

01. In the English, an animal doctor is called a vet. If your dog is sick,

02. you take him by to the vet.

03. Vet is short for the veterinary surgeon.

04. One day, a vet himself was sick. He felt very ill indeed.

05. So he went to see a doctor. He said to the doctor:

06. “I’m a vet. I can’t not ask a dog questions.

07. I have to find out myself what is wrong with a sick animal.”

08. The doctor did not say but a word.

09. He examined the vet. He listened to his heart with a stethoscope.

10. He took his blood pressure. He took his temperature. Then he gave him some medicine.

11. At last then he spoke. He said:

12. “Take you this medicine three times a day

13. after when you have eaten your meals. You should feel better

14. after one week. If you do not so feel better,

15. we shall have to put you out down. Put you to sleep. Kill you.”


01. the

02. by

03. the

06. not

08. but

11. then

12. you

13. when

14. so

15. out