Grammar and Usage Exercises
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Complete with the correct forms of the verbs.


01. If you arrive early, you (have) to wait.

02. If you arrived early, you (have) to wait.

03. If you had arrived early, you (have) to wait.

04. They (help) you if they can.

05. They (help) you if they could.

06. They (help) you if they could have.

07. If you drink too much you (be) sick.

08. Unless you work hard you (not pass) your test.

09. If you stop smoking you (live) longer.

10. Practise hard and your English (improve).

11. We would have gone out if (stop) raining.

12. If I (go) away, I would have written to you.

13. If he (work) harder, he would have succeeded.

14. He not (write) unless he was lonely.

15. She would have come if you (invite) her.

16. Unless the greenhouse effect is mitigated, the seas (rise).

17. If you were older, you (be) wiser.

18. If I had known you weren't coming, I not (bake) a cake.

19. If you run, you (catch) the train.

20. If I were you, I (go) on holiday.


Exercise Answers



01 simple present
02 simple present have-be
03 drill: third person
04 elementary present
05 intermediate present

07 elementary past
08 continuous and simple
09 irregular past
10 irregular past
11 irregular past

14 past tense review
15 past tense review

19 present perfect
20 present/past perfect

23 conditional review
24 conditional
25 conditional

28 use of gerund
29 gerund
30 gerund and infinitive
31 gerund and infinitive
32 gerund and infinitive
33 gerund and infinitive